U.P.M. and Risparmio Virtuoso have signed an agreement with the Marchex Circuit (www.circuitomarchex.net) to offer their partners not only in the exchange of goods but also in payments of an alternative local currency to the euro, the Marchex that allows to face the challenges of the financial globalization with one more tool than even the company to its local reality.

The circuit was born in January 2014 to replicate a virtuous economy model that has developed in Sardinia since 2009 with the name Sardex.net. The objectives it has are many:

  1. Increase the clientele and therefore the turnover of the companies belonging to the network.
  2. Provide companies with a financial instrument that allows them to obtain credit at no cost.
  3. Support the development of the local economy and enhance the quality of the products and services of the area.

The Marchex Circuit associates Marche companies belonging to all product sectors, with the aim of relating them to one another, also providing an innovative exchange-based payment instrument. Companies participating in the Marchex Circuit record an average increase in turnover of 10%, thanks to promotional services such as newsletters, announcements on the portal, announcements on our social channels of Marchex and networking events. In essence, a company that participates in the network has the opportunity to purchase what it needs by paying for it (in whole or in part) by selling its goods or services to other members of the Circuit, with the possibility of even obtaining an overdraft of bill. In this way, it can free up precious liquidity, reduce financial costs and, above all, eliminate the unpaid risk and collection times. Currently there are about 1000 registered companies distributed among the various sectors (agro-food, automotive, construction, furniture, clothing, medicine and wellness, business services, etc.) and have transacted more than € 20,000,000.00 in total.

How to spend Mex credits cashed?

Today in the Circuit you can face business expenses such as:

  • Maintenance of buildings and systems (construction companies, painters, electricians, plumbers, etc.)
  • Professional clothing
  • Advertising and promotional material (radio, TV, sailing truck, signage, prints, etc.)
  • Catering
  • Maintenance of vehicles
  • Shipping
  • Corporate consultancy (accountants, lawyers, marketing, safety, environmental, hccp)
  • Corporate gift

There is also the possibility of activating personal cards to members, employees and company collaborators in which to turn a part of their remuneration in credits (in this case, private individuals can take advantage of restaurants, workshops, shops of any kind such as clothing, footwear, pharmacies, medical centers, wellness centers, sports, cinema, etc.). Finally, Mex credits collected could be used to finance the corporate welfare plan, which plans to give employees and directors a bonus on the remuneration almost totally reduced by contributions and taxes. Currently in Italy, there are 12 other regional circuits twinned with the Marchex and they are starting to collaborate with one another; in the future, it will be possible to acquire a market share also in the other regions. This collaboration is already a reality in the tourism-hotel sector.