In the energy efficiency sector in collaboration with our partner, Unicam University of Camerino, we created the company Budget Co2 Zero (

The entrepreneurial project of the spin-off Budget Co2 Zero can be summarized in the formula: “Energy Diagnosis Carni4.0 To Its Customers”. The spin-off is able to provide energy diagnosis services in line with current regulations (UNI CEI EN 16247-1: 2012 and UNI CEI EN ISO 50001 “Energy management systems – Requirements and guidelines for the use “) for the technical-economic evaluation of the energy flows and consumption of a building or industrial process.

This is followed by the delivery of a document that certifies the customer’s energy production and management system and indicates which investments we have the lowest (pay – back time) of the investment possible and how much is increased global energy efficiency of the building or industrial process.

Co2 Zero Budget, when the customer is interested in carrying out the proposed interventions, he can provide engineering, construction management and procurement services for ESCo which are also integrated to finance the investment in full.

Budget Co2 Zero also offers a monitoring system for the entire energy system called EMI 4.0 (Integrated Energy Manager 4.0) for:

  • Optimize the production and consumption of energy (electricity, heat, refrigeration, etc.).
  • Maintain plant yields to the maximum (as external and internal conditions vary).
  • Certify the real energy savings obtained following the reduction of energy costs (greater competitiveness on the market).
  • Certify the avoided emissions of polluting gases (spendable both in marketing and in case of legal obligation).
  • Monitor the system 24 hours a day (in the presence of faults or malfunctions and based on their severity, EMI 4.0 tries to solve the problem independently, otherwise it warns the technician in charge and indicates to him precisely what the fault is, what is due and how to solve it).
  • Increase the degree of safety and reliability of the building or production system.
  • Draft ad hoc reports for customers with information on the system and its performance.
  • “With EMI 4.0, everyone can have a personal Energy Manager that controls and optimizes their energy system 24 hours a day”.