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The new culture of savings

Risparmio Virtuouso is a network based on loyal and solidary ties that, by saving on purchases, optimizes resources, produces savings and helps to live better, impresses the people and the planet.

We work for economic savings

In a market economy, any project, even the most virtuous, must be sustainable from a financial point of view in order to succeed and evolve. Our work is based on the concept that efficiency is a tool for an end, not an end in itself. Generating economic savings means not only maximizing profits but creating value for all stakeholders, that is the stakeholders who revolve around the organization itself and in a broader sense for the whole community that benefits from it. directly or indirectly. With this in mind, the company itself becomes synonymous with community because the interests of different parties (workers, investors, customers, suppliers) and those of the territory coincide or at least coexist. Savings are understood, also in an ethical sense, as an added value that leads to a culture of waste reduction, a sustainable economy, a reduction in the environmental impact of human activities. Local and Global meet once and for all!

We work for the Planet

Saving also means paying a different attention to the planet’s resources. Producing energy in a sustainable way at the same cost as that normally available on the market means damaging non-renewable fossil sources and above all not polluting. The reuse of packaging materials significantly reduces the use of raw materials and the costs for their disposal. Optimize the use of your company fleet, in addition to an appreciable reduction in consumption, a lower emission of pollutants to the atmosphere. These are just some examples of virtuous examples on which our work focuses. With the immediate aim of generating savings for our customers, but with the highest and most mobile asset on the planet. Because the future belongs to everyone and does not give anyone discounts.

We work for Solidarity

Creating savings is also and above all a desire to create well-being. In the perspective of a company intended as a bearer of wider interests than that of investors only, a part of the wealth generated by virtuous behavior can be redistributed to those subjects who for cultural, economic and physical reasons are relegated by the selective laws of the market on the margins of economic activities but not of our need to live in a Human society. We believe that it is possible to free all people from need by restoring their dignity and ability to return to the world of work. A society that does not grow does not generate consumption and produces deflationary effects for industrial production but a virtuous society creates social and economic conditions not only to reduce consumption but changes everyone’s needs into opportunities for everyone, including the ecosystem. Thus understood, solidaritỳ becomes a concrete opportunity and not just an ethical and forward-looking vision.

How does saving become virtuous?

Thanks to the aggregation of demand and the professionalism of UPM, Risparmio Virtuoso’s partners obtain at an advantageous price goods and services with less environmental impact than those commonly available on the market. Choosing to join Risparmio Virtuoso’s network means not only saving your business money – and therefore maximizing profits – but also ensuring saving the planet, limiting the environmental impact of its Activities. Choosing Virtuous Savings also means embracing an ethical and more humane vision of the economy, which is realized by dedicating a part of the savings generated to solidarity.


We are remunerated with the “Success Fee” formula: our compensation is calculated on the basis of the real savings generated thanks to our intervention. This result lead  no increased costs and greater efficiency for companies. We give part of our revenues to the partners that report to us those companies that become our customers, creating a virtuous circuit and as many revenues to Solidarity and associations reported by our customers and suppliers. The more the customer saves, the more we earn, our signalling partners and the recipients of our solidarity; the more companies that become part of our Network the more we create a critical mass, and a buying intelligence that enters the market more strongly than the individual entity would have moved on its own; this operation creates economic savings and at the same time a demand to save the planet’s resources.

In which services do we offer Virtuous Savings?

Innovative packaging

Risparmio Virtuoso, thanks to the twenty years of experience of the previous Garbini Consulting holds a unique Know-How and a deep knowledge of this market / sector and raw materials. To this, U.P.M. adds the professionalism of a dynamic and multi-ethnic and task-oriented team.

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Purchase of green electricity certified 100% from renewable sources and natural gas

We aggregate more than 300 companies and this allows our team to present itself on the market with a contractual intelligence that generates a reduction in costs of at least 10-15% compared to what the single entity would bring alone.

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Transport and logistics

In the transport sector – rubber, air, ship – and logistics, in collaboration with our partner Kelmer Procurement we offer detailed analysis of the expenditure, rationalization in the choice of suppliers and we allow companies to obtain improved contractual conditions.

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Short, medium and long-term car hire

U.P.M. analyzes the company consumption, mileage, the existing car fleet and the evolution of handling needs, starting the verification of solutions that allow it to respond efficiently to the specific needs of the company, producing tangible savings on the management of the company fleet.

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Risk & Insurance Management

Identifying and managing risks are intrinsic to the work of every entrepreneur. U.P.M. provides a team of professionals and specific and exclusive software.

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Savings in ingredients and “informed business” consultancy

U.P.M. S.r.l. is able to manage and optimize the supply of ingredients for food production. Thanks to the experience in the sector gained with Garbini Consulting and generate savings opportunities through the virtual aggregation of demand.

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Energy efficiency

In the energy efficiency sector in collaboration with our partner, Unicam – University of Camerino, we created the company “Bilancio Co2 Zero”.

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Control of telephone and connectivity expenses

We evaluate the needs of every customer’s user, associating selected tariff profiles ad hoc, and inserting telephone options according to the needs of use. On average, companies with our intervention obtain at least 20% savings.

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Environmental services

Why not share savings in a project with a solidarity vision? Activities of H-Earth Cooperative are numerous, from controlled cleaning and disposal works to home repairs, from gardening to assistance, up to surveillance.

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Currency circuits complementary to the euro

U.P.M. have signed an agreement with the Marchex Circuit to offer their partners not only in the exchange of goods but also in payments of an alternative local currency to the euro, the Marchex that allows to face the challenges of the financial globalization with one more tool than even the company to its local reality.

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Technological and digital solutions

Risparmio Virtuoso and its partner Digimark, a consolidated but young and dynamic company, offer unique software with innovative digital solutions, developed taking into account each individual company, with its objectives and needs.

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Export support

Italian quality and virtuous excellence must be enhanced and used not only in Italy. A window in the world to make our best and perhaps lesser known products known and spread. Since August 2019, diCarattere has been with us in our network.

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First eco-green Marketplace in Italy

Risparmio Virtuoso has created the first Italian marketplace entirely dedicated to companies that have chosen to get involved for the good of the planet.

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Rediscovering harmony and efficiency in your working system

As in family systems, there is also an order in business systems that must be respected and recognized. The method of systemic representations is very useful to discover and solve problems that prevents a working system from functioning well.

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Join the Network

To become a virtuous Company, simply report our asset management services to other partner companies. The reports that will be successful will multiply the savings for everyone! In fact, it will be up to the reporter a percentage calculated on the savings generated and we will donate a portion of our compensation to charities.

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