Risparmio Virtuoso, thanks to the twenty years of experience of the previous Garbini Consulting holds a unique Know-How and a deep knowledge of this market / sector and raw materials. To this, U.P.M. adds the professionalism of a dynamic and multi-ethnic and task-oriented team.

The first step in starting a new commercial negotiation is to listen to the customer for all his needs: timing, quality of service, process and product innovation; a sort of “photograph” of the current state. The second step consists in the careful selection of each supplier with periodic audits aimed at verifying product quality, reliability, and dynamism with respect to market trends; finally to any other aspect that may be useful to the customer. The savings generated by our intervention certainly depend on the trend of the raw material but it is never less than 10%.

U.P.M. S.r.l. is able to carry out benchmarking activities on all product types that relate to packaging and especially on:

  • Corrugated cardboard boxes and boxes (double, triple wave, large customized cartons, thermoboxes, etc.), displays, tags, etc.
  • Paper and special papers, paper tubes, corner pieces, corrugated cardboard, reels.
  • Paper and plastic bags, bags (retractable, skins, low bags, shrinks) and bags of all materials (from ordinary shoppers to special vacuum bags to Big Bags); tubulars, water bags, valve bags, etc.
  • Trays, trays in all materials for all uses (from polystyrene, PP, PET, PLA, in ATM for modified atmosphere, to disposable compostable tissue) to plastic and cluster boxes.
  • Labels of all types of printing, materials and dimensions for all possible applications (food, colored, etc.).
  • All types of FILM in PP, PS, OPS, PLA multilayer with or without barrier in all sizes, layers, colors and thicknesses (extendable, shrinkable, faces, for coupling, biodegradable, pre-stretched, miniroll, DRK, colored micro-perforated, for hot filling or for low temperatures, in symmetrical or asymmetrical structures, etc.).
  • Benches and various materials (Accessories, workwear, adhesive tapes, self-adhesive protective films, extruded corners and profiles, expanded polyethylene, filling materials, yarns and natural fibers, chemicals, etc.).