Family and Systemic Representations are very useful when exist systemic titcheons.
It’s a phenomenological method inspired by the familiar constellations developed by Bert Hellinger (Constellations Hellinger Sciencia®). Bert Hellinger noted that in family systems there is an “Order of Love” necessary for the survival of the system. When a member, even from a previous generation, has been excluded, forgotten or suffered a serious wrong, another member identifies with him by imitiation of his destiny (irretic). When some available persons represent the members of the system with an attitude of “being in the service of the soul”, what has been separated and must be brought together comes to light. In the morphogenic field (Rupert Sheldrake) that is created automatically, the representatives feel and move really like the people they represent. Once clarity, the client has a new inner image and his soul begins a movement of growth and healing, often with positive effects on the whole system.

Not only family systems can be represented but also other systems, such as work, school, etc. The method of systemic representations is very useful to discover and solve problems that prevent a working system from functioning well. As in family systems, there is also an order in business systems that must be respected and recognized. Sometimes there are the individual people working in the company who have to be disbanded to allow for a better and effective systemic operation.