With the advent of digital technology, Risparmio Virtuoso and its partner Digimark, a consolidated but young and dynamic company, offer unique software with innovative digital solutions, developed taking into account each individual company, with its objectives and needs.
A highly qualified team supports companies in choosing the most advanced technologies and implementing solutions in order to optimize processes, improve corporate welfare and generate significant savings.

The technological and digital solutions offered, also made in the cloud, can be applied to the following areas:

Digitization of business processes – Industry 4.0

The service offered in this area leads to an increasingly automated industrial production, where machines, company areas and operators are constantly interconnected. Through the use of cutting-edge technologies designed by Digimark from scratch, an information and management system has been created in which systems and robots communicate with each other and remotely with computers equipped with “intelligent” algorithms. The analysis of the data received by the system allows it to find situations, to quickly respond to business problems and needs as well as to be a support to the decision-making apparatus, identifying wastes, activities without added value and maximizing the efficiency of all business processes.

The digitalization of processes becomes an opportunity to revisit the entire company organization, establishing measurable and verifiable improvement objectives even in the short term, such as increasing productivity, reducing lead time and waste, greater coordination and communication between business areas, greater production planning and control.

This offer is part of the “National Enterprise 4.0 Plan” project: Digimark also supports companies in the procedures necessary for obtaining funding from the MISE (Ministry of Economic Development).

Digital sales solutions

Digital solutions and technologies for the world of retail / sales and the In-Store Experience.

Business, web and mobile applications

  • Programs characterized by web technologies and used only within company structures (company applications).
  • Web applications, installed on pc / notebook and reachable via web address, usable outside the company by anyone who wants to interact with the company (potential customers, suppliers …).
  • Applications, existing also in intranet or web version, for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets …).

Custom engineering software

  • Consultation, design, development and implementation of customized software solutions.
  • Customization of software already implemented in the company.
  • Realization of digital projects from scratch.

Industrial automation

Consulting services, professional training and offer of qualified personnel in the field of industrial automation.